Donald Trump accuses Obama, Yellen of conspiring to keep interest rates low

Trump: Fed Keeping Rates Low to Help Obama Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, accused Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen of keeping interest rates low for political reasons.

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ratcheted up his criticism of the Federal Reserve and Chairwoman Janet Yellen, saying the central bank is keeping rates low to help President Barack Obama.

So Janet Yellen isn’t raising interest rates because Barack Obama wants to play golf. Right. In the end, it doesn’t matter what precise conspiracy Trump is alleging.

2017-10-30  · President Trump expected to nominate Jerome Powell. interest in keeping rates low as he. best choice if Trump did not want to keep Yellen.

Debt Soars Under President Donald Trump Tax Cuts | The Last Word | MSNBC Donald Trump on Monday accused Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen of being a political figure who does whatever President Barack Obama wants. the Fed will keep the interest rate low to leave.

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At first glance, U.S. President Donald Trump and Federal. it may be a more difficult step for Trump. During last year’s election campaign, trump accused yellen of accepting orders from then.

2017-10-17  · . President Donald Trump said Tuesday he. Trump accused Yellen of doing the former Obama administration’s bidding by keeping interest rates low.

"With the blessing of the president, he doesn’t want a recession on his watch, she is keeping interest rates low. they are trying to put the recession into the next president, and it could be a.

Who will Trump pick for Fed? President Donald. Barack Obama, and reportedly has the backing of present Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Called "the GOP Yellen," he has supported the current chair.

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Republican presidential candidate donald Trump said on Monday that U.S. Federal Reserve chair janet yellen was keeping interest rates low because of political pressure from the Obama administration, questioning the motives of an institution whose work hinges on maintaining its independence.

Donald Trump hit out at Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, questioning her independence from President Obama and the wisdom of low interest rates. "She’s keeping them [interest rates] artificially low to get Obama retired," he said on CNBC. "It’s a very serious problem."

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In a Bloomberg interview, Trump accused Yellen, a Democrat, of keeping rates low to satisfy President Obama and help Hillary Clinton get elected president. "I think [Yellen] is a very political.