NY Fed Study Debunks ‘Reverse Redlining’

A 2008 Federal Reserve study on 300,000 credit records from 2003-2004 (‘the most comprehensive examination of the relationship between race, creditworthiness and loan performance to date’) found that Blacks and Hispanics tend to perform worse on their credit obligations than white borrowers with similar credit scores. These differences are.

RACE, SPACE, AND THE REPRODUCTION OF INEQUALITY. The historical link between institutional discrimination and racial residential segregation is well documented (Hirsch 1983; Massey and Denton 1993; sugrue 1996) and has recently been extended to explain the disparate impact of the subprime mortgage crisis on blacks and whites (Rugh and Massey 2010).

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The boston fed works to promote sound growth and financial stability in New England and the nation.

Community groups say Federal Reserve is falling behind in the loan bias fight.. It was a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston study last fall that finally silenced many bankers who felt the charges of lending bias were groundless.. the New York Federal Reserve Bank is testing a statistical.

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The New York Fed released a study this week concluding there is no evidence of adverse pricing based on borrowers’ race, ethnicity, or gender. While the study notes a couple of important caveats (including the inability to study points and fees), the core conclusion is remarkable in light of the "reverse redlining" and similar suits that have.

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NY Fed Study Debunks ‘Reverse Redlining’. The NY Fed study is groundbreaking particularly because it uses a hybrid data set that isn’t reliant on just the HDMA data; the first such study to do.