Colony American Homes launches second REO-to-rental securitization

Even firms not engaged in the space are rolling out initiatives, with single-family property manager, Colony American Homes (CAH), disclosing plans Monday to create a securitization deal backed by rental income. The company will use single-family homes within its own property portfolios to support the transactions.

Colony American Homes launches second REO-to-rental securitization Vacancies spike in Colony American Homes $514 million rental securitization Massive rental shakeup: starwood waypoint, Colony.

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Colony Capital postponed IPO plans in June for its subsidiary, Colony American Homes, citing market conditions. Today, however, Colony, ARPI, and AMH are all working on securitizations. On a Q4 2013 earnings call, ARPI confirmed it had hired Blackstone’s banker, Deutsche Bank, to help it structure a $300 million securitization that would.

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Some of the largest single-family rental companies are, or were, publicly traded, including Invitation Homes/Colony Starwood and American Homes for Rent. By selling stocks, the single-family rental companies then become accountable to shareholders and face increasing pressure to deliver financial returns.

All companies in the space, however, face obstacles to the deals. american homes 4 rent ceo david Singelyn, who told SNL that his company hopes to launch a second securitization, said there is a sweet spot for the size of such transactions that makes deals unavailable to all but a few players.

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An Overview Of The Single-Family Rental REIT Sector.. Invitation Home came to market with its second securitization, Invitation Homes 2014 SFR1.. Colony American Homes completed its second.

This time, financial firms are seeking to engineer deals backed by the rental payments of residents living in previously foreclosed homes. In recent months, firms such as Colony American Homes and.

CEO and Founder of Lafayette Real Estate (New York) – Lafayette RE LLC is a New York-based private equity firm dedicated to the single-family rental industry in the U.S. Lafayette owns and manage more than 2,000 single family rental homes and 150 vacant lots, mostly located in Florida, Georgia and Arizona.

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Colony Capital markets industry’s second-ever REO-to-rental bond.. The new US$500m securitization deal from Colony, a California-based private real estate firm, is being led by JP Morgan and.

securitization will likely become a dominant model quickly; American Homes 4 Rent and Colony American Homes, two new single-family rental firms, are report- edly preparing to launch single-family.

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