$92M: The price tag of San Diego’s most expensive listing ever

Despite a huge price drop, a San Francisco mansion with tremendous views of the city and bay is still the city’s most expensive listing.

If completed, it would be one of the most expensive transit projects in san diego history, and would likely be the busiest transit line in the county. The line would run on a similar path as the old San Diego Electric Railway streetcars did before 1948, but with some elevated and underground segments, it would easily deliver travel times.

In 2009, Toynami had an eerily accurate statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman (a "Celebrimaquette") on sale at San Diego Comic Con for the super-price of $2,000. With silicone skin and individually hand-punched hair, it looks about as close to the real deal as you can get.

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It returned in 2016 with a bumped up $28.5 million price tag, raising their stakes in 2017 with an asking that currently sits at $29.5 million, and has remained at that price without wavering ever since. As of today its most recent listing has been live for 747 days.

And giving a quarterback a franchise tag would’ve only meant a large price tag and the threat of free agency. It was a deal the Niners had no choice but to sign and if their young quarterback.

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It was part of a 240 size edition exclusively available at San Diego Comic Con in 2010, making it one of the oldest, most unique and most valuable superhero Funko Pops ever released. One interesting thing about the box for this figure is that the image of the character looks like the regular Green Lantern with flesh colored skin, instead of the.

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Real estate in the city’s downtown area has a median price tag of $229,250. a tech center, San Jose’s downtown doesn’t have the potential to compete for home-hunters with nearby mountain view, Palo.