Fitch: Rise of nonbank servicers threatens private-label RMBS

Select Portfolio Servicing grew its mortgage servicing rights portfolio by over 14% in the second quarter by targeting opportunities in the nonagency loan market.

The precipitous growth of nonbank mortgage servicers in recent years presents a threat to the performance of private-label residential mortgage-backed securitizations,Fitch Ratings said in a new report. According to Fitch’s report, nonbanks now service approximately 74% of all private-label securities by loan count, up from 48% in 2004.

Annual Report (financial stability oversight council), Annual Report, 2015 by United States. Financial Stability Oversight Council

(manuscript at 37-38) (“PSAs give servicers of private-label RMBS a high degree of latitude in how to calculate [NPV].”); see also Cordell et al., supra note 37, at 22 (observing restrictions in PSAs on what types of loss mitigation options could be implemented but only restricting NPV calculations to the extent that they must maximize.

Justia Regulation Tracker Bureau Of Consumer Financial Protection 2012 Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) Mortgage Servicing Proposal, 57199-57315 [2012-19974]

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Select Portfolio Servicing grew its mortgage servicing rights portfolio by over 14% in the second quarter by targeting opportunities in the nonagency loan market.

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RMBS servicers readier for a slump due to tech investments: fitch residential mortgage-backed securities servicers are better able to weather a downturn and the resulting loan defaults today versus before the crisis because of their investments in technology and regulatory compliance, Fitch Ratings said.

Annual Report (Financial Stability Oversight Council), Annual Report, 2016 by United States. Financial Stability Oversight Council

 · Overall, Fitch estimates there is about $203 billion in negative equity for private-label rmbs. ultimately, Fitch reported that the impact on RMBS ratings will depend on.

Fri, 17 Aug 2018. Performance indicators worsened among securitized pools of subprime auto loans during the month ended July 15.According to an index maintained by Fitch, losses within those portfolios grew 64 bp to an annualized 7.4%, remaining within a historically high range that has prevailed since mid-2016.