Sellers put more homes on the market in May

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Competition among home buyers will be fierce in most of the country as home sales heat up in April and May before peaking in June.. MORE: Home sellers say. to put their homes on the.

Seller’s market: experts predict home prices will just keep rising. put out by CoreLogic and S&P. these conditions will change as builders bring more inventory on line, more home sellers.

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The market is HOT, the property is priced right and buyers don’t want to lose out on their dream home, so they may offer above asking price and seller immediately accepts. 4. The buyer may have stipulated that the offer is only good for XX number of hours and then it’s no longer on the table.

Just Because It’s a Seller’s Market Doesn’t Mean Your Home Will Sell Itself By Will Pollock | May 12, 2015 It’s a seller’s market in the high season , as everyone knows by now.

7 Reasons Your House Is Still on the Market.. No home seller wants to replace appliances, flooring or countertops.. You may want to send the renters packing with plenty of time to freshen up.

All of this good news has been widely reported, so many Americans are thinking more about wading back into the real estate market, both as buyers and as sellers. But how many people know there are best times to buy and sell houses? Here are some timing tips from real estate agents that can save home buyers and sellers a lot of money:

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In all but five of the country’s 25 biggest metro markets, the best month to put a home on the market is April or May. Homes listed in the first half of May sold nine days faster and for almost 1 percent more money than average listings. (You may have even better luck if you’re in one of the best U.S. markets for home sellers.)