Mortgage industry raises concerns about new HMDA rules

NAFCU raises concerns about CFPB’s HMDA amendments. NAFCU Regulatory Affairs Counsel Andrew Morris on Thursday raised the association’s concerns about the CFPB’s proposed amendments to its home mortgage disclosure act rule, Most of the new HMDA.

the new CFPB tool using the new file format. By January 2018, mandatory start for collecting the disaggregated data. By January 2019, report the full new data set to the new CFPB tool for 2018 data. By January 2020, large institutions (60,000 covered loans) begin quarterly HMDA data reporting.

Industry Issues A-Z / Mortgage Rules; Mortgage Rules. Articles & Press Releases. Title: Publication:. Keep Urging CFPB to Raise HMDA Thresholds: NewsWatch Today Article: 06/05/19:. the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Oct 29, 2018, 17:04 PM External URL:

Compliance resources and guidance to help industry understand, implement, and comply with the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) / Regulation C.. The TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rule replaces four disclosure forms with two new ones. We have resources to help you comply.. Rule. Browse.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday unveiled new rules for supervising large debt-collection firms, marking the first time that industry will be subject. could affect the ability to.

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By Carl G. Pry, CRCM. F ew topics have generated as much attention this year than the new 2018 HMDA rules, from the expanded definition of a HMDA-reportable application (any dwelling-secured loan or line of credit is now covered) to the vast increase in data that must now be collected and submitted. In order to implement these changes, the effort cannot be limited to just compliance personnel.

 · Section 104(a) of the law, signed by President Trump in May, amended the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). This section was designed to decrease the HMDA compliance burden for smaller institutions.. CFPB Issues Rule to Implement and Clarify New HMDA Amendments. Officer Manager. September 10, 2018. including mortgage industry.

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