RealScout raises $6 million for superior real estate searches

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But these services can also sideline real estate agents. A company called RealScout has been addressing that problem, by giving agents powerful tools of their own, and now has closed on $6 million.

Currently the firm’s capital structure consists of 2 million shares of common stock and $15 million in 6% long-term bonds. Under the debt financing alternative $8 million in 4% long-term bonds will be sold and under the equity financing alternative the firm would sell 150,000 shares of common stock.

02/09/2015 Branded, collaborative real estate search platform building steam (Inman News) 11/17/2014 RealScout Raises $6 Million Series A For Better real Estate Search Technology (TechCrunch) 10/14/2014 New RealScout listing filters point towards future of real estate search (Inman News)

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Real Scout Joshua Kushner’s Thrive Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners, which led Hightower’s $6.5 million Series A round in August 2014. venture capital money making its way into commercial real estate..

REO sales may not peak until 2013 Texas luxury home sales maintain fast-growing trend Cash home sales continue decline, falling to 35.5% Real estate bubble is in the making expert says And remember these two simple rules: bubbles always burst and they tend to go back to where the bubble began (maybe even lower). The global real estate bubble generally started in 2000. Use that as your reference point. Look up what your real estate was worth in January of 2000. That’s likely where it will fall back to in the coming months.Credit Bubble Bulletin : weekly commentary: monetary fiasco –  · weekly commentary: monetary fiasco. home prices and sales transactions. Through myriad channels, this Bubble was boosting purchasing power throughout the economy.. As consumer prices in Latin America’s biggest economy continue to accelerate, Brazil’s central bank has delayed its plan of slowing inflation to its 4.5% target to 2017.Texas luxury home sales maintain fast-growing trend | 2016. –  · Luxury home sales continue to be one of the strongest sectors in the texas housing market, with sales continuing to rise, according to the 2016 texas luxury Home Sales.October 28, 2013 MORTGAGEE LETTER 2013-39 To All. While a servicer may not be held responsible if a borrower fails to respond to repeated contact efforts, the servicer’s files must evidence efforts to reach the. foreclosure sale date and that the request includes all required

Listing brokers and sellers of Illinois real estate do not have a legal duty to disclose a stigma, such as the fact that the house was the site of a violent crime.. ‘actual knowledge’ of the stigma, the buyer broker should disclose. Must a seller disclose a murder at the property?

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