House Bill Looks to Kill Yield Spread Premiums

Patricia McCoy, University of Connecticut School of Law.. 5 Low mortgage interest rates for homebuyers sparked the house price bubble but. The third part looks in detail at three forms of risky lending at their peak in. On top of this, brokers had incentives to try to exact yield-spread premiums (fees paid back to.

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yield spread premium is the exact same thing as Service Release Premium (SRP) which is the compensation banks receive for a mortgage. By prohibiting a mortgage broker to receive YSP you will.

Moreover, the average amount of yield spread premiums is quite substantial, on the order of $1,850 per transaction," said Prof. Howell E. Jackson, a law professor and associate dean of research and special programs at Harvard University, testifying earlier this year before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs.

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Treasury yields rise along with stocks after House passes tax bill. The yield on the benchmark. chief market strategist at FXTM, while the spread between five- and 10-year yields fell below.

Michigan looks at controversial insurance reform.. house bill 5013 would change that.. Proponents of the bill and insurance companies say the purpose of the legislation is to lower premiums. Yield spread premium abuse by mortgage brokers is collecting a rebate from the lender for delivering a high-rate loan, without the knowledge of the borrower.

From a summary of the proposed bill: "Yield spread premiums and other compensation that could cause mortgage originators (i.e., mortgage brokers and bank loan officers) to "steer" applicants.

For insight on the expanding use of these vehicles, among other trends, we recently spoke with Bill Ahmuty. income market – and when we look at certain asset classes where fixed-income ETFs are.

That in the cases where yield spread premiums (ysp) exist, such uses of YSPs do not result in total compensation in excess of what is reasonably related to the total value of the origination services provided by the broker, and therefore complies with the second part of HUD’s two-part test enunciated in the 1999 Statement of Policy, and