Bank of America set to write down principal on California mortgages

Indeed, the pace of foreclosures would be set to. out of four mortgages in the United States under water, there is a growing consensus that the only way to deal with the mess is to write down the.

Bank of America has begun writing down principal on the mortgages of some troubled borrowers in California through a state program intended to help people facing foreclosure. The bank has signed on to the principal reduction component of the Keep Your Home California program, which uses federal funds reserved for the 2008 rescue of the financial system to help homeowners behind on their mortgages.

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Bank of America recently unveiled the mortgage industry’s first large-scale principal forgiveness program, potentially involving up to 45,000 underwater borrowers and $3 billion in debt write-offs.

Bank of America Corp. has begun notifying some of its most troubled mortgage customers that it will reduce the amount they owe by as much as 30% if they make lowered payments on time over a period of years.. The bank’s executive in charge of minimizing mortgage losses, Jack Schakett, said during a teleconference Wednesday that BofA has sent the first 10,000 of an expected 45,000 principal.

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Bank of America had me down for five and one half percent interest, most lenders are going for four and one half percent or under Its is more involved, what happens after your loan is approved, more than likely there will be more mistakes long term, you may have to deal with, lost payments, Bank of America changing addresses without.

 · I am in a loan mod program with Fifth Third Bank;. is tellling me to hire them and sue fifth third for a real modified mortgage including principal write down. Is this for real can I do that and while suing the bank stay in my home until we reach an agreement.. I was just turned down by Bank of America for a modification.

GSEs lower expectations on housing market for 2014 The Role of GSEs in the Housing Market.. GSE interventions in the housing market through subsidized interest rates. suggest that housing starts would have been lower by a mere 0.05 percent.