Short sales and foreclosures equally degrade FICO scores

[More from How Does Your Credit Score Actually Work?] FICO says a foreclosure or short sale where the size of the unpaid balance is reported are equally devastating to a good or excellent.

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Since this column is not a guide to all of the fantastic restaurants and happenings here in town, I need stay focused on the topic at hand, which is the 580 FICO score. plus short sales, accounts.

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Home Multiple, current credit cards equal higher fico. Multiple, current credit cards equal higher fico.. short sales and foreclosures equally degrade fico scores.

Survey Finds Short Sales Outnumber REO in January Purchases Buying a short-sale house: A guide to the process. Buying a home through a short sale is different from buying a property at a foreclosure auction, or one that is. Short sales and foreclosures equally degrade FICO scores; Find.

FICO studied how mortgage delinquencies such as late payments, short sales, and foreclosures impact credit scores. They used three hypothetical consumers with credit scores of 680, 720, and 780. They used three hypothetical consumers with credit scores of 680, 720, and 780.

How To Wholesale A Bank Owned Property | Wholesaling 101 The impact on credit after a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, is no better, from a credit score standpoint. Though these foreclosure alternatives are tools being used by lenders to avoid the costly process of foreclosure, on the credit report, a short sale/DIL shows up as ‘ not paid as agreed,’ and is therefore, still derogatory.

A short sale is often used as an alternative to foreclosure because it mitigates additional fees and costs for both the creditor and borrower. The negative impact on the borrower’s credit score is typically smaller in a short sale than in a foreclosure, but a short sale usually involves a lot more paperwork for all parties.

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There is a myth in personal finance that a foreclosure is significantly worse than a short sale when it comes to your credit score. Short Sale, Foreclosure & Your Credit Score – – The maker of the fico credit score, Fair Isaac & Co., released two tables that show how a short sale, foreclosure, and bankruptcy degrade the score of a.