Fed proposes rule tying executive compensation to risk

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I think that’s a commonsense rule. proposed in this area. We need to strike the right balance between encouraging investment and prudent risk-taking to get our financial system moving again, and,

SUMMARY: The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is issuing a final rule that sets forth requirements and processes with respect to compensation provided to executive officers by the Federal National Mortgage Association, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, the Federal Home Loan Banks, and the Federal Home Loan Bank System’s Office of Finance, consistent with the safety and.

If the proposed LFI rating system were finalized before this proposed guidance, the Federal Reserve would use existing supervisory guidance to help inform its evaluation of each firm’s governance and controls for purposes of the proposed LFI rating system, until such time that this proposed guidance is finalized.

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An earlier proposal had the Fed. compensation committee independence. The house bill called for letting shareholders cast annual, non-binding votes on executive pay. The House also endorsed.

Trump proposes tying federal workers’ pay to Performance Budget would freeze federal workers’ salaries for 2019 and introduce performance-plan incentives smiller@shrm.org

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The proposed rules aim to limit inappropriate risk-taking at larger financial institutions by creating requirements to, among other things, require substantial deferrals of such larger institutions executives’ incentive compensation and providing for seven year clawbacks after vesting of incentive compensation.

Draft interagency notice of proposed rulemaking to revise the existing risk-based capital framework by giving the vast majority of banks, bank holding companies, and savings associations the option of either continuing to use the existing Basel I-based capital rule or adopting a more risk-sensitive rule, known as Basel IA.

The proposed rule also requires institutions to keep a record of senior executives and significant risk-takers and disclose the incentive-based compensation arrangements of those individuals. Additionally, the rule includes a "clawback" provision that allows a covered institution to recover vested incentive-based compensation if the executive or risk-taker engaged in behavior that was found to have hurt the firm.